My son and I will watch our favorite TV shows, movies, and play our favorite games, and make some comments, and predictions for the next episode, or who won the game. Or maybe review the game. There will be spoilers!

Doctor Who(Time Heist)

A quick side note:  We were going to do Dancing With the Stars, but the universe has decided we shouldn’t.  First my browser crashed in the middle of me typing up our summary, then the plug for my laptop melted when I tried to write it up a second time.  So, no DWTS.  :(

This episode was interesting, but definitely a bit of a filler episode.  Within 3 minutes of it starting, we end up in a mysterious place where all involved have had their minds wiped!  We get to the mind wipe after the TARDIS phone rings!  Yay!  Unfortunately, no one says “Are you my mummy?”  The phone becomes a memory worm, so those are back.

So, we are in a room with the Doctor, Clara, an augmented human named Sy or Cy(Sai?  Sigh?  I am in no mood to figure out how closed captioning works on Alex’s TV, so if anyone wants to fill me in, feel free), and Sabra, who may have said she is a mutant human.  They all listen to a recording of themselves saying that they did the memory wipe of their own free will.

After the still groovy opening, we listen to a message from The Architect, which sounds familiar to me.  Was there an Architect in another episode?  Even if there was, it has nothing to do with this episode, so we shall move forward.  The Architect tells them about the Bank of Karabroxis(or something.  I have a headache and no captioning on, so I apologize), and as they zoom in on a map, I remark that it looks like something from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Yay for that show, too!  Long story short, they will be robbing an unrobable bank.  Bank security bangs on the door and tells them to open up so that they can be humanely disposed of.  Sy downloads the contents of the Architect’s briefcase into his head so that they can run, and my mind briefly wanders off to wonder if Jack Harkness makes Retcon out of something extracted from those memory worms.  Bank security then asks them to move away from the doors, because they don’t wish to hurt them before incineration.  That’s thoughtful of them.  Also, Alex and I both immediately thought of the Tesselecta.  

We cut to Miss Delfox(probably), who is head of bank security, as she has to deal with those same guards who accidentally touched memory worms. Nice.

Everyone but Clara wonders why the Doctor is in charge, but this is so we can learn that Sy was in prison and is a hacker/bank robber, and that Sabra can become any person she touches.  She becomes an old man so that they can get into the bank.  The lobby of this bank looks like we just jumped into a cosplay competition for some reason.  The Doctor wonders why they aren’t using the TARDIS for this, and Clara wonders where it even is.  

The googly-eyed monster from last week’s preview comes walking through the lobby, and he looks an awful lot like Anima from Final Fantasy 10, only shorter and with googly eyes.  We learn that he is the Teller(yes, I did wonder if there was the Penn to go with him.  I am so random), and that he can read all of your thoughts and memories and then turn your brain into soup.  Frankly if Seymour was my kid, I would do the same thing.  Oh, wrong story again.  Sorry!  :D

The Teller scans a man’s brain and we watch him become a man with a collapsed head!  Eeeewwww!  Also, he is still alive because why not?  Then we cut to a commercial so that I can play that Who Knows Who game.  My total score for tonight was 490 out of 500!  Yay!  I would also like to point out that while I am typing this out, Alex is randomly chanting spells or something from possibly Naruto in Japanese(he says “Horrible Japanese”) at me, trying to make my computer crash or summon something.  

Back from our commercial break, we find our bank robbing companions in a room that looks like it belongs in a circus.  They find another briefcase with a bomb in it.  The bomb looks like those Spy Gear things that you can buy for kids.  We cut to Miss Delfox and she will keep pointing out that the director of the bank can never know about this break in because they will all be killed.  I have to say that the screen wipes in this episode are a lot of fun.  Back in the circus room, the Doctor has decided that they need to blow up the floor, and the others are not entirely cool with this idea because there are no other doors to escape.  Sy believes that the Doctor is crazy and is ready to leave, when the Doctor points out that there must be something all of them want more than anything else in this bank because they all agreed to have their memories wiped in order to get whatever it is.  Sy says that he now knows why he is in charge, and the Doctor says “Basically, it’s the eyebrows.” and Clara just nods, which Alex and I both thought was funny.  I then ask him if memory wipes count as head trauma.  He says it does, but I don’t know if I will count it, since nothing knocked him out or hit him in the head.  Maybe I will count it as half a head trauma point.  

The Doctor sets the bomb on the floor, and it very quietly goes off, killing no one, and makes a neat hole in the floor.  It is a dimentional shift bomb, which sends the particles to a different plane.  Alex said that he thinks that somewhere on Gallifrey, Time Lords were just randomly hit with bank floor particles.  I am going to accept that as head canon for now because I like picturing it.  The Doctor says “Come on then, Team Not Dead!” which is what I am going to start saying when I am with a group of friends who are not dead.

Sabra asks what the plan is, and while the Doctor doesn’t know since the Architect set this whole thing up, he tells her that his personal plan is that a thing will happen soon.  That is usually my personal plan as well.  Clara finds another briefcase, and then Sy has some kind of stuttering problem, and they can’t know why they are there because of the Teller being able to hear them, and it is all complicated.  Sy opens the case and inside are 6 thingamabobs, which the Doctor lies about knowing what they are.  The Doctor has Clara stay with Sy while he recharges(the stress is making his battery drain, which makes him stutter like he is Max Headroom), while he goes off with Sabra.  This is a Journey of Exposition, my favorite type of journey that isn’t a Zuko field trip.

We learn that Sy was being interrogated for something, and in a panic, wiped his memories of his friends and family so that they couldn’t get the info from him.  This makes Clara sad.  It makes me sad too.  Alex probably doesn’t care.  Insert commercial break of game playing here.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Sabra moved on a yellow hallway, where she questions the Doctor about why he lied about the thingamabobs.  He asked her how she knows he lied, and she tells him that it is because she has had many faces and knows when someone is lying.  We get her sad story of how she has a mutant gene, and that no one can ever touch her or she will become that person.  She is all alone because, as she puts it, “Could you trust someone if you looked back at you out of your own eyes?”.  This quote will be important later, hence the quoting.  Clara and Sy catch up to them.

They enter a grate and find themselves in a room with the Teller encased in an ice looking thing(he is cocooned), and the Doctor tells them not to move and not to speak, all while he continues to move and speak.  Way to be a good example, Doctor.  The Teller is in forced hibernation, and then it locks onto Clara’s thoughts, so he tells her to stop thinking.  Once it locks onto your thoughts, it doesn’t let go until you are soupy in the brain, and I tell Alex that she should just think of her myriad of timelines and the Teller will probably explode!  

Clara tries really hard not to think, and then Sabra runs and the others are on the other side of a grate all of a sudden, and the Teller has locked onto Sabra’s thoughts.  She is going to be soup!  The Doctor gives her a thingamabob, which is some kind of extracting device.  The Doctor tells her it will be quick and painless, and she asks him to kill the Architect when he finds him, and although the Doctor hates him, he can make no such promise.  I have already seen Amy’s Choice and have dealt with the Dream Lord, so I am starting to catch on to where this is going.  Sabra pushes the button and she is gone.  Anima…..errr….the Teller goes back to asleep.  

The yellow hall is now lit in a green light, and they are in front of the vault.  It is at this point that I realize that Sy sort of looks like Orlando Bloom.  Huh.  They find another brief case, and then we cut to Miss Dalfox babbling about not being found out again, and back to blue hall we go.  Clara finds a piece of paper with numbers and letters on it that will be important in just a bit.  Sy works on cracking the vault, but the Teller is roaming the halls of many colors now, so the Doctor suggests that they split up so that he can’t lock on to more than one brain.  This is a ridiculous scheme because it has already been in Clara’s brain, so it will obviously go after her.  Before they split up, the Doctor gives Sy an extractor thingamabob.  He stays in the green hall to crack the vault, the Doctor and Clara run down a blue hall, and then they split up.  Of course the thing is after her, and she ends up in a red hall, which is a change from her usual blue light scheme, so yay for changes!  

As Sy hacks into the vault, it shows a map of it, and I asked Alex if it didn’t look like the map of the Great Deku Tree.  Seriously, is this show trolling my brain?  Does Steven Moffat live in there now?  If next week involves Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z, I am going to start questioning reality.  :D

Sy runs, Clara runs, the monster slowly chases her.  It is all very suspenseful.  The Teller is trying to turn Clara’s brain into soup when Sy interrupts to make him soup up his brain instead.  Sy is very noble.  He uses his extractor thingy, and I am very sad.  :(  Also, we noticed in the images Sy was showing that the Robot Cowboy thing from A Town Called Mercy and a Slitheen in with the pictures.  Nice.

The vault does not finish opening, and they discover there is something that keeps it from being opened.  Then there is a random solar storm that allows the vault to open.  The Doctor name drops the episode title because they were brought to this specific point in time so that the storm can open the vault.  Wibbly wobbly timey wimey and such.

I was starting to hope that River Song was in that vault for some reason.  Clara pulls out the paper she found, and they go to each of the things listed to find the treasures they broke into this bank for.  Sy’s treasure was something that would restore his lost memories; Sabra’s was something that would supress her mutant gene so that she could touch people.  The Doctor and Clara apparently came for something in the private vault.  Can it be River Song?  We don’t find out yet because the Teller is behind them and takes them to Miss Delfox.  Bummer.  

The Doctor and Clara are handcuffed and guarded by two people in gold suits, one with a helmet and one without.  Alex figured this plot point out, and I did not.  Alex is a very clever boy.  Anyway, the Teller is the last of his kind, and the Doctor wonders how she makes him obey with all the chatter that must be going on in his head.  She answers this by talking about the weird storm and blah blah blah no one can find out about this heist because her boss is awful.  I got it the first 89 times she said it.

Miss Dalfox leaves to put the Teller back into his hibernation thing and tells her guards to dispose of the Doctor and Clara.  What Alex knew, and I did not, was that the guards were Sabra and Sy!  Yay!  Once he saw the flash of the extractor, he knew it was a teleport.  Clever.

The Doctor gives Sabra and Sy their prizes from the vault, but he wants to know what is in the private vault.  Alex takes the time at this point to tell me that the memory restoring gizmo looks like an enema.  Clever and odd, my child is.  So, they are heading to the private vault, and Sy says something about there being life support, and I said “Ooooooh!  The Face of Boe!”  We take our last commercial break of the evening, and I finish the game with my stellar score.  I tweeted about it because that is what Twitter is for, yes?

Back from the commercial, we learn that, sadly, neither River Song nor the Face of Boe are in that vault.  It is the owner of the bank, whose name I can’t spell but begins with the letter K.  Karabroxis?  Kalabasas?  Keroberos?  I don’t know.  We find out that Miss Dalfox is a clone of this woman, and that she incinerates her useless clones.  Bummer for Miss Dalfox.  No wonder she didn’t want anyone to find out about the bank heist.  This is the point where the Doctor starts putting things together in a loud manner, and he says “Shut up, everybody, just, just shut up.  Shut up, just shut up.  Shut up, shut up, shuttity up up up.”  Shuttity up up up is going to be my new catch phrase.  

Anyway, the Doctor is figuring things out and so am I, because we all know that the Doctor is also the Architect as well.  He asks Sabra to repeat her quote about trusting people looking out of their own eyes, and then the Doctor talks about how he hates the Architect, which clinched it for me.  The Doctor says he is giving Miss K his phone number, but it actually says that he is a time traveler.  Miss K leaves because the Doctor tells her to while doing the “call me” gesture.  Then we see how this whole thing unfolds because the Doctor has the Teller soup up his brain to unlock the mind wiped memories.  I am going to count this as the other half of the head trauma point.  

It was the future version of Miss Kalifornia Kalibasas Keroberos calling the TARDIS phone at the beginning, and so the Doctor sets up the whole thing as the Architect, the memory worms, how he altered his voice in the recording, how he placed the briefcases, etc.  His brain does not become soup, we find out that the Teller is not the last of his species because they were keeping his wife(the Penn?) hostage to control him.  They set her free and they drop them off somewhere quiet.  Awwwww!  Then we see the 4 of them having giggles on the TARDIS, they take Sy back to his home where the Doctor again does the “call me” thing, then they drop Sabra off after she hugs the Doctor because she can.  He hates that lol.  The Doctor drops Clara off in time for her date, and the episode ends.

Next time, Clara and Danny Pink are trying to date, but the Doctor keeps popping up.  He starts working at her school, she gives him a look that should rightfully stop his 2 hearts, and some robot bug thing wants to destroy things.  Sounds weird!

Overall, this was a fun episode, but like I said, very fillerish.  I hope Sy and Sabra come back at some point, because they are a lot of fun.

Predictions and head trauma count:

*Next week’s robots are not related to Cybermen.

*This whole season is actually a Mario game, and our River Song is in another vault.

*Alex’s random chanting will crash my computer someday.

*Head trauma count is 5 now, half a point for the memory wipe, and another half for the brain scan to un-wipe the memory that could have made his brain soup.

See you all next week!

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Doctor Who(Listen)

I am not entirely sure what it is I just watched.  Alex started it over again like that is going to help me at all.  I think at least 4 times during this episode, we both let out a David Tennant-esque “What?  WHAT?  What???”  If the Disney channel ever made a show about this, it would be called That’s So Moffat.  Moving on…..

The episode begins with the Doctor talking to himself in the TARDIS, still looking an awful lot like Dr. House, and writing on a chalkboard, which only further convinces me that the Doctor and House are related.

Danny Pink returns this week, and he and Clara go on the most bi-polar date in the history of television or reality.  Clara really takes a lot of insults in this episode, starting with her telling a story of a student who said she couldn’t concentrate because Clara’s face is too wide.  Danny flips out over nothing, Clara flips out over nothing, Clara storms out, the Doctor picks her up.  He also wonders why she has 3 mirrors and why she doesn’t just turn her head, which HA!  He also thinks her date is over because she took her makeup off, which she didn’t, and then he says she probably missed some spots.  Poor Clara!

The Doctor talks about nightmares and how there are things under the bed, because we have all been sleeping well, and Moffat hates when we sleep.  :D  The Doctor tells Clara to think of a time when she had that dream, and then she can telepathically fly the TARDIS because it locks on to her timeline, and I’m all “WHICH TIMELINE???????????”  Also, since when can people fly the TARDIS telepathically?

Clara’s phone rings while she is telepathically flying the TARDIS, and she ends up landing in a place where Danny had that dream while at an orphanage.  The Doctor thinks that Clara is in the orphanage, but we all know Clara was never an orphan, so there ya go.  We learn that Danny’s name used to be Rupert.  Was that a Buffy shout out?  I will take that as a Buffy shout out.

The Doctor walks to the front desk, carrying his sonic that he magically got back somehow, and talks to the man at the desk, creeps him out a bit, and then steals his coffee.  While he is doing this, Clara sneaks upstairs to Rupert/Danny’s room, where they crawl under the bed to prove that nothing is under there, at which point something sits on the bed!  I thought it was the Doctor,but it wasn’t.  It is just something sitting under a bedspread, being all kinds of creepy even though it has no right to be.  The Doctor tells little Rupert/Danny that fear is a superpower, and then he says that people who don’t feel fear are losers, and he says it in the best voice I have ever heard!  Looooosers!  Nicely done, Peter Capaldi, nicely done.  

For whatever reason, the Doctor suddenly decides that this is the first Nightmare On Elm St. flick and that they can get rid of it by turning their backs on it.  That plan didn’t work so well in that movie, but after a little bit of the blanketed thing walking behind them, it disappears.  With the poor kid’s bedspread.  Now he will be cold!  Mean!

After the thing is gone, Clara lines up young Rupert/Danny’s army men to guard under the bed, because Clara is clever.  The solider that is broken and doesn’t have a gun(because he is so brave he doesn’t need one) is named Dan by Rupert.  The Doctor then tells him the best bedtime story:  ”Once upon a time…*touches Rupert’s forehead, rendering him asleep* the end.”  We loved that.

Clara asks the Doctor to take her back to her date, and they arrive just as Clara is leaving.  So, Clara walks away, while the Clara in the TARDIS walks back into the restaurant.  She apologizes to Danny and he apologizes to her, and then they both flip out again because she won’t tell him how she now knows that his name is Rupert, and then a guy wearing the spacesuit from The Impossible Planet/The Satans Pit, 42, and Waters of Mars slowly walks into the restaurant, and no one but Clara freaks out about this.  Danny storms out, and a few seconds later, she leaves as well, and I wondered if either of them bothered to pay the check for this date.  

Clara thinks it is the Doctor in the suit, but it is a guy who looks just like Danny, but is Orson Pink from 100 years in the future.  Alex and I both thought he said his name was Awesome Pink at first.  I like that name better.  The Doctor asks if she has any connection to him, like a distant relative, and I immediately believe that she marries Danny and that is their grandchild or something.  He also tells her that her eyes are dominating her face and to get them under control.  Poor Clara.

The Doctor, it turns out, found Orson at the end of the universe.  He says that the TARDIS isn’t suppose to travel to the end of the universe, but we all know that is a lie.  They decide to spend the night in this place because the under the bed/on the bed/who turned off the television thing wasn’t scary enough.

They are inside a bunker or something, and Orson goes to sleep in the TARDIS, but before he does, Clara finds out that he has Dan the Broken Soldier in his possession as a family heirloom, and that time travel runs in his family.  He says it was a story from his grandparents or great-grandparents.  Clara is so this kid’s grandmother and Amy Pond is so his great-grandmother.  

Clara and the Doctor chat inside the bunker thing, when the lights change to a blue color, which Alex pointed out is more blue lighting involving Clara this season.  They hear scary noises, and I said to Alex that if something knocks like that monster from Midnight that I am OUT.  Guess what happened next.  Oh yeah, something knocked like that monster from freaking Midnight!  Out, I tell you, OUT!!!!!  Where was Emo Teen Merlin?  I miss Emo Teen Merlin.  In fact, I miss regular Merlin.  That show was fantastic and had more people who have appeared on Doctor Who than you can shake a stick at!

So, there is knocking, and the Doctor says “What’s that in the mirror, out of the corner of your eye?  What’s that footstep following, but never passing by?” and I wondered what is up with Steven Moffat and weird nursery rhymes?  Then he added “Perhaps they’re all just waiting, perhaps when we’re all dead, out they’ll come a-slithering from underneath the bed.”  Seriously, Moffat, what kind of childhood trauma did you have?

The Doctor is almost sucked out of the TARDIS into the nothingness because you know he opened that door that was locked and specifically said above it not to open it.  It wouldn’t be the Doctor if he didn’t open doors that shouldn’t be opened, even if he knows that the monster from freaking Midnight might be out there!!!!  

When we come back from commercial, the Doctor is unconscious, and since this is at least the 4th time this has happened in 4 episodes, we immediately decide that we will be keeping count.  He fell unconscious in the 1st episode twice, once last week, and once this week, if my count is correct.

Clara and Orson have had enough of the possible monster from freaking Midnight, and Clara telepathically flies the TARDIS somewhere else.  Alex really liked the weird travel sound it made and I kind of dug the orange lighting that was going on.  We also learn that Clara knows her timeline is wonky, and I screamed “CONTINUITY!!!!!!!  I NEED IT!!!!!!”  Seriously, can someone please explain what Clara knows and does not know now?  

Clara steps out of the TARDIS and into a barn, where there is a child crying.  The child’s parents come in, so Clara slips under the bed.  The father says that the child will not be able to join the army if he runs away and hides all the time, and that he will never be able to go to the Academy and become a Time Lord!  WHHHHAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT??????????  Alex and I spent most of the commercial just saying that a million times, possibly because we were hoping that saying it enough in the right tone would summon David Tennant.  It doesn’t, for the record.

When we return from commercial, the Doctor babbles for awhile, and then Clara grabs the child’s ankle from under the bed.  Of course she is the thing under the bed!  Why wouldn’t she be?  Clara calms the child, and then she walks back to the TARDIS and it cuts back and forth to what she said to him.  This child is obviously the Doctor, and we have somehow landed on Gallifrey, in the exact same barn that the War Doctor brought The Moment to.  It turns out that she told him all of that stuff about being afraid and fear being a superpower, and they drop Orson off in his own timeline, and they show a scene of the War Doctor approaching the barn(Clara tells the boy he will go there again and he will be afraid, which again prompts us to wonder what she knows and remembers), and the Doctor drops her off at Danny’s place and they apologize and have some kissies, and she leaves Dan the Broken Soldier with the child Doctor, and the episode ends.  Seriously, WHAT?????  

Next week, stuff happens in a bank that they possibly must rob and there is a weird googly-eyed monster.  It looks fun.

I am pretty sure this was an excellent episode, and I am sure I will love it even more once I understand what the heck I just watched!

Predictions/Theories/Things I was wrong about:

*Unfortunately, Fred Savage did not grab anyone from under the bed.  Bummer.

*Head Trauma/Unconscious Count: 4.  We shall see if Charming can top that.

*We will find out that the Promised Land is this season’s Bad Wolf because Missy has Rose Tyler living in her weird garden somewhere.

*I can’t predict anything else because this episode stole my brain.

We will see you guys next week!

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Doctor Who(Robot of Sherwood)

We’re back!  We didn’t get to cover Into The Dalek last week, because we were on vacation.  It was a great episode, and we liked the Doctor calling the Dalek Rusty, and I liked that Rusty kind of looked like Krang from the Ninja Turtles.  :D

On to Robot of Sherwood.  This has been bothering me for awhile, but does anyone else think that Clara’s Theme sounds a little bit like Something There from Beauty and the Beast?  The part where she sings “new and a bit alarming, who could ever thought that this could be?”  Beauty and the Beast pops into my head every time they play Clara’s theme.

Alex noticed that the Doctor seems to type in his destination on a keyboard now and then hits a “Go” lever a different panel about 2 boards over, which made him wonder why the Doctor didn’t just put them both on the same panel.  Did anyone else notice that?  I didn’t, but I was looking down at the time.  Also, don’t try to apply logic to Doctor Who.

Clara gets to decide where they go this week, and she wants to meet Robin Hood, and frankly, who doesn’t?  She was afraid to tell the Doctor because she knew he would tell her Robin Hood wasn’t real and was made up, which he did.  They land in the forest, and when the Doctor loudly yelled that there is no Robin Hood, the TARDIS is promptly shot with an arrow.  When the Doctor pulls the arrow out of the TARDIS, it heals itself!!!  Has the TARDIS always had this ability????  I can’t recall ever seeing it do that before.  

Robin Hood decides to challenge the Doctor to a sword fight for control of the TARDIS(or magic box), at which point the Doctor introduces us to a new concept: sword fighting with a spoon.  I guess the new saying is “Always bring a spoon to a sword fight.”  The Doctor ends up besting Robin Hood with a tricky move, but then he gets shoved in the water.

There is a scene where a girl is taken hostage by the Sheriff of Nottingham for labor, and then it cuts back to the Doctor trying to disprove that Robin and his Merry Men are real by plucking out their hair, stabbing them with needles for blood tests(the lute player will be dead in 6 months!), and trying to get them to pee into a wine glass.  Classy.  :D  He also points out that it is too green and sunny for the time of the year it is, and right before we cut to commercial, he takes a bite out of an apple.  Since he doesn’t spit it out, we can assume that 12 does not have the same problem with apples that 11 did.  I bet he hates fish fingers and custard.

We then move on to the archery contest, where Robin goes by Tom the Tinker, which just sounds ridiculous.  :D  There is a big arrow-off between the Sheriff, Robin, and the Doctor until the Doctor decides to blow up the target with his sonic.  This, of course, gets them locked up, but it doesn’t feel the same without Sandshoes, Granddad, and Dickey Bow.  I found myself wondering if Robin Hood and Oliver Queen shop for their costumes at the same store during the whole archery contest because they are basically the exact same outfit without the hood.  I mean, Oliver didn’t spend all of his 5 years on parkour ninja island, and Jack Harkness is on that show, so maybe he time traveled and went on a shopping spree with Robin Hood.

Our enemy robots of the evening shoot purple(!) cross-shaped lasers out of their faces, and talk like they are the medieval love child of a Dalek and a Cyberman.  I don’t think we ever hear a name in the episode for what they are supposed to be, so I will call them Cybeks until we get an official name.  Is everyone cool with that?  Good.  We will get back to the Cybeks in a few.

The Doctor, Robin Hood, and Clara are chained up in a room where there is a cross-shaped window in the background that is filtering a lovely blue light on Clara.  This is a theme in this episode, as many of the windows in the castle filter blue light onto Clara for some reason.  Anyway, the Doctor and Robin Hood bicker, Clara tells them to shut up and asks them if they have a plan, which they don’t.  She also points out that the sonic screwdriver has been taken away.  The whole time a guard was listening to determine who the ring leader is for interrogation, and while the Doctor and Robin Hood bicker over which one of them is the ring leader, the guard takes Clara away, which I saw coming a mile away but still found funny.

The Sheriff makes Clara have dinner with him, and she tricks him into telling her his story.  When he mentioned that he saw star ships in the sky, I have to admit that I kind of wished that 11 was there to make his Stonehenge speech.  :D  When we cut back to the dungeon, the Doctor and Robin Hood are still bickering with each other, and trick the guard into getting close enough to knock out, at which point they bicker the keys right into a storm drain.  O_o  

The Sheriff tells Clara that he wants to make her his queen, which she is not down with, and the Doctor and Robin Hood discover that they are actually in a space ship!  Its original destination was the Promised Land, which Alex pointed out is getting to be this season’s Bad Wolf.  Very astute observation, kiddo,  The Doctor now believes that Robin is a robot as well. The Sheriff and Clara come into the ship room, with a few Cybeks in tow, and there is some talk about how they are trying to repair the ship with gold and such, but I kept waiting for Clara to say that she managed to grab the sonic away from the Sheriff while he was getting all up in her personal space, but that never came to be.  In fact, the sonic never shows up in this episode again, nor is it mentioned, because why should we be worried that a guy who wants to take over the world has the sonic?  

Robin Hood grabs Clara and jumps into the river and they get away, but the Doctor is captured again by means of Cybeks fist to the head.  Maybe we need to start a Doctor head trauma prediction thread here like we do with Charming on Once Upon A Time.  He wakes up in a different dungeon, chained up with a bunch of peasant laborers, including the girl from the beginning of the show.  Unlike OUAT, I knew where this was going immediately, but we’ll get there.  Everyone manages to break free, and they start holding up gold dishes so that the holy laser beams of doom would bounce back onto the robots.  The Sheriff is notified of this on a console table with a video feed that makes a beep that Alex and I both swear was the drum beat that the Master always hears.  Are we alone on this one?  It sure sounded like it.

Robin Hood and the Sheriff fight and he pulls off the tricky move that the Doctor pulled off earlier in the episode to knock the Sheriff into a big pot of melted gold, where he may or may not have turned into King Midas. :D  Spoilers, he is probably not King Midas, considering the whole thing blows up.

Robin, Clara, and the Merry Men have come to the castle, and the ship part of it tries to take off, and they have to shoot the golden arrow that they won/stole from the archery contest into the ship so that it can safely leave the atmosphere so that it can safely blow up in space.  Robin’s arm was injured in the sword fight!  The Doctor cheated earlier and used arrows with a homing beacon!  Clara wants to try to shoot the arrow, but they don’t want to risk it!  In the end, all 3 of them shoot the arrow, with Clara and the Doctor holding the bow, while Robin shoots the arrow.  They are victorious and the ship blows up in space, where presumably, the robots end up with loopy Missy in the Promised Land.  We don’t find out.

We return the forest and the TARDIS, where Robin and Clara have a chat about never giving up on your love, and then Robin tells the Doctor that Clara told him his whole story about how he was a Time Lord from Gallifrey and a lot of things from his past that I don’t think that this version of Clara remembers anymore.  Will someone PLEASE do something about the continuity of Clara and her knowledge????  I love this season so far, but my word is Clara ever inconsistent with what she knows!  The Doctor and Clara leave after confirming that Robin Hood does, indeed, become just a legend and is forgotten to be a real man, the girl is left where the TARDIS was and SURPRISE, she is Marion(duh!), and no one ever mentions the sonic again, even though it shows up in the preview for next week’s episode.  O_o  It also looks like next week will be what Moffat is good at, which is create episodes that make it so I can’t sleep for a month.  Yay!

Overall, this was a fun episode, and I was amused by how cranky the Doctor was with Robin Hood being real, and how now he likes apples.  There were a few little things that bothered me, but not enough to take away any of the good things about this episode.  I am really surprised by how quickly Peter Capaldi has grown on me, because I was ready to hate him.  Alex thinks it is because he is dark and funny at the same time.

Some predictions:

*We will learn that the world from Little Monsters is real, and that Fred Savage lives under all of our beds!  Wooooooo!!!!!!!

*If the Doctor is knocked out again, Alex and I are going to start keeping track and make it a contest with who takes the most damage this season: The Doctor or Charming.

*Missy is someone who we have already met, we just don’t know who.  Maybe she is the TARDIS!  

We may do a little post about our adventures in New Jersey and the completely geeky things we bought on the boardwalk in Wildwood tomorrow.  See you next time!

2 weeks ago

Doctor Who: Deep Breath(A Fathom Event, 8/25/14)

Alex and I once again ventured to our local Cinemark for another Fathom Event, this time the series 8 premier of Doctor Who.  It was not on a DVR to the best of our knowledge this time.  :D

You know I did my nails for this.

From right to left: The 12th Doctor’s suit, the TARDIS, a sonic screwdriver, the Union Jack, and the hash marks because I kept seeing the Silence, but I forgot.  :D

This hand was done from a kit called Galaxy Nails, and I added a few gem stones.

I didn’t get pictures of us in our shirts, but Alex had his Dalek shirt, and I wore my Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey shirt.  So, we hopped in the car, cranked up the Doctor Who tunes, and made our way to the theater.  Thankfully, this time our theater was properly labeled, and it had an inflatable TARDIS by the door!  Plus, they let me pose with it before they roped it off because no one else was around.  Alex didn’t want to.

Fun!  There were a few people dressed up, but I didn’t get an opportunity to get pictures.  

Before the episode started, we got a mini prequel episode involving Strax doing a video blog about all of the previous Doctors, and it had everyone cracked up.  He made a bunch of jokes about Christopher Eccelston’s ears and Matt Smith’s chin. 

I was really struck this time by the similarities between Deep Breath and The Christmas Invasion, with the Doctor in his pajamas, the companion being uncertain about who the Doctor is now, the Doctor trying to figure out for himself who he is now, the mechanical menaces, etc.  I also managed to catch the line “It’s like Sweeney Todd without the meat pies.” this time around(Alex was theorizing that the robots could have been steampunk Cybermen the first time around) and almost choked on my popcorn laughing.  

At the end of the episode, we were shown a behind the scenes feature about the making of Deep Breath, and we got to see Peter Capaldi geek out about being the Doctor, which only makes me like him more.  It is always such a fun experience to see these episodes surrounded by fellow Whovians, whether they are only wearing fun shirts like us, or if they are dressed up in a full suit with sand shoes and carrying a sonic screwdriver.  I hope we get more opportunities in the near future.

After the movie, Alex and I ventured to Denny’s, where at first he wasn’t going to order anything, but then I pointed to one item on the menu and he said he had to get it for the Britishness(that’s a word now) of it: Fish and chips.  Thank you for having that on the menu, Denny’s!  :D

We will see you next time!

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Doctor Who(Deep Breath)

Welcome back, Doctor Who!  We’ve missed you!

After 15 minutes with my 2 favorite nerd guys in the whole universe, Chris Hardwick and Will Wheaton, and learning that Peter Capaldi is “one of us”, we got into the first episode of series 8, and the first episode with our new Doctor.  

I was a little wary of Peter Capaldi, but he charmed both of us immediately.  I loved that the TARDIS came flying out of a dinosaur, and that the Doctor opened the door of the TARDIS to tell Strax “SHUSH!”  Brilliant!  He also made sure we knew that he was not flirting with the dinosaur, which was good to know.  Alex and I really dig the new opening, with the clocks and cogs and the slightly retro theme music.  Nicely done.  

I already had questions within the first 10 minutes, though.  Why does Clara not seem to understand how regeneration works?  Is her memory from the Time Stream gone now that 11 didn’t die on Trenzalore?  Why were they acting like the Doctor can choose his appearance, and that 11 chose his appearance specifically for Clara?  The Doctor also wondered why he got that face in particular, so was that related to the robot plotline, or are they bringing in the Caecilius/Frobisher connection?   Also, did anyone else think that the Doctor looked an awful lot like Dr. House?  Why are there so many robots and/or steampunk machines in Victorian London?  So many questions.  :D

So, the dinosaur caught on fire…in a RIVER!  Perhaps a river of songs?  ;)  Then the Doctor proceeded to have many adventures in a night shirt, as though he thought he was actually on Once Upon A Time, and he was one of the Darling children trying to get to Neverland.  Don’t go to Neverland, Doctor!  Also, he had to relieve the horse of his pet lol.

We also loved when he yelled that he has battle eyebrows now.   That sounds like something I would yell to distract people.  Clara asked why they don’t call the police more often, which means she obviously never watched Torchwood, or else she would know that the police are never helpful in these situations.  :D  Alex thought it was remarkable that Clara could hold her breath for so long.  I am pretty sure he was trying to hold his breath while she held hers, but I am not positive of that.  Also, since when is the sonic screwdriver voice activated?  Are we keeping 11’s?  I thought 12 was getting one with a purple beam because the show loves me.

Speaking of the robots, Alex thought that they were steampunk Cybermen.  I did not agree.  Something was nagging me about them in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until the S.S. Marie Antoinette was mentioned that it dawned on me.  I was bummed that no one had a banana on hand.  Alex was bummed that they were clockwork droids.  I was bummed that they weren’t dressed up in poofy French attire.  We can’t always win.  

I am glad that Moffat worked in the mystery of the shop lady who gave Clara the TARDIS number from last season.  I was worried that it would be dropped now that Matt is gone.  We have theories, like maybe it is Sally Sparrow, Donna Nobel, or even a universe-jumping Rose Tyler.  

I will not lie to you guys, when 11 called Clara at the end, I got all choked up.  I was all “MATT!!!!!  Don’t leave us again!!!!  Just stay on the phone all season!  Don’t you hang up that phone, Clara!!!  NOOOOOOO!!!”  Alex was amused.  Then we get to the end and we were all “Who is that lady?  Are they in Apalapucia?  What?”

Overall, this was a pretty solid episode, and a fun introduction to our new Doctor.  We like that he added a recliner to the TARDIS, and also that he has decided that he can complain because he is Scottish.  I wish he would fry things because he is Scottish.  That would be a nice call-back.  We can’t wait to watch it in the theater on Monday with the exclusive prequel episode!  Yay for series 8!  Next week, Daleks!

Some predictions and theories for this season:

*Alex believes that the lady at the end of the episode could be Mother Superious.  I think she might be the woman from the shop who gave Clara the phone number.

*River Song will pop up at some point.

*Hopefully, Captain Jack Harkness will show up and have to deal with the fact that the new Doctor has Frobisher’s face.

*Alex believes that 12 will keep 11’s screwdriver because 9 and 10 used the same screwdriver.  I want that purple beam!

We will be back Monday with the coverage of the Fathom event.  See you then!

4 weeks ago

Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods (8/5/2014)

Alex and I are really starting to love Fathom Events.  :D

Last Tuesday, Alex and I headed out to our local movie theater to see the new-ish Dragonball Z movie, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods.  Of course, we couldn’t head out to such an event without dressing up for it.


He has his awesome Roshi symbol shirt, with the King Kai symbol on the back, we colored his hair purple for Trunks, and took a flat iron to it.  I wore my Over 9000! shirt, and colored my hair blue for Bulma.


A better shot of our hair colors.

I also did my nails for the occasion.


Left hand: Gray nail with the 4-star dragonball(originally I wrote DBZ, but the lettering wiped off), black nail with the 5-star dragonball(originally was the Capsule Corp logo, but I had a similar issue with the nail marker coming off), yellow with the 1-star dragonball, teal(originally said Bulma), and what is supposed to look like one of the uniforms, but it isn’t so great.


Right hand: Plain white nail(had a plan that didn’t pan out), purple nail(originally said Trunks), black nail(originally had a Popo face, but it was really creepy), yellow nail(had a dragonball on it, but it looked awful, so now it is Krillin exploding on Namek lol), and the orange nail.

Alright, so with our outfits and hair in place, we left for the theater.  We saw a kid with a shirt similar to Alex’s heading in, so we knew we wouldn’t be the only DBZ fans in attendance.  A lot of people had a shirt like Alex’s, but no one else had one like mine, so I got some compliments on it.  We bought our drinks and snacks and began the search for our theater.

This was part 1 in the adventure that this movie turned out to be.  They didn’t label it as a special event theater and left the normal sign up, which was for the movie Sex Tape.  O_o  Lovely.  The mom of the kid we saw in the parking lot was a little bit iffy about walking into that theater, but some other people in DBZ shirts came out, so we knew we were in the right place.

The theater, it turns out, was PACKED!  I think by the time the movie started, there were maybe 3 seats open!  We sat down and the guy next to us(who I believe said his name was Gino) chatted with us until the movie started, and was pretty awesome.  Unlike other Fathom events movies we have attended, there was no trivia or anything fun while we waited for the movie to start.  At 7pm, the Fathom Events rules popped up on screen(Don’t litter, no pirating, no talking, etc.), but it kept repeating.  By 7:15, we were all getting really antsy and annoyed.  Then this popped up:


Oh yeah, a Dish Network DVR screen!  We were going to be watching this movie off of a DVR!


We get it, Fathom!  You do concerts and we shouldn’t pirate things!  Get on with it!

They did not get on with it.  So this happened:

At around 1:08, the kid in front of us started using my flash to make shadow puppets on the screen, which you, unfortunately, can’t see.  Everyone in the theater started laughing.  Then we got the “Yay, the movie is starting(finally)!” screen.  How naive we were.  A few seconds later, the Fathom Events screen popped up again.  We were all pretty annoyed at this point.  Somebody yelled “Bring back the shadow puppets!”, and since I aim to please, this bit of hilarity ensued:

Also, the guy on the other side of me(not Gino, some other guy whose name I never got) said that if Krillin didn’t die, he was going to riot.  I felt compelled to correct him and say that the Z in Dragonball Z means that Yamcha dies first, duh.  :D

So, the movie FINALLY starts, and it was an absolute blast!  It was so much fun to watch Dragonball Z with such a large crowd of fans.  There were parts where we we are all laughing together, and others where you could hear a pin drop in that theater.  This movie had Vegeta singing a song about Bingo, an almighty god of destruction getting angry over a pudding cup, and Vegeta defending his woman!  Which due to my blue hair was me!  Ok, not really, but it was pretty amazing.  Goku got another amazing hair and eye color upgrade(fuchsia and red, respectively), and an epic battle took place.

Then, right near the end, the sound cut out and it became pandemonium in that theater lol.  The sound came back about 30 seconds before the end, at which point, a few Cinemark employees came running in asking if we would like for them to rewind to the part where the sound cut out.  The answer was a perfectly in unison “YES!!!!!”  So, they did, and then they gave out free movie passes to everyone in the theater because of all the technical difficulties.

Despite the weird DVR issues, this event was a blast, and I hope they do more fun anime related events here in the future.  We will have another event coming up on the 25th, because while we were waiting for the movie to start, I purchased our tickets for the season 8 premier episode of Doctor Who!  Yay!

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Tatiana tears up as a fan thanks Tatiana and the show for giving her the courage to come out and for writing Cosima as a character who is more than her sexuality. (x)

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I say Japan, Alex says NASA so we can leave the planet.

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easilyenchanted asked: Peachy?! Is that yoooou?! Omfg you finally made it over here from terrible fb


It is me!  Yay for Tumblr!  :D

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