My son and I will watch our favorite TV shows, movies, and play our favorite games, and make some comments, and predictions for the next episode, or who won the game. Or maybe review the game. There will be spoilers!

Tatiana tears up as a fan thanks Tatiana and the show for giving her the courage to come out and for writing Cosima as a character who is more than her sexuality. (x)

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I say Japan, Alex says NASA so we can leave the planet.

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easilyenchanted asked: Peachy?! Is that yoooou?! Omfg you finally made it over here from terrible fb


It is me!  Yay for Tumblr!  :D

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Game Over

We did not get to watch any movies today, but we did play Wii Party for a few hours, and I won exactly 1 game because after the first few games where we worked together to keep the computer from winning, Alex decided he was going to win and went after me with a crazy vengeance.   Oh, well, boys.

Also, during the last week or so, we came upon some fun YouTube videos.  I found Sailor Moon Abridged: or Dragonball Z Adridged: and we recommend checking them out if you are fans of either show.  That is it for this week, so we will see you next time, when hopefully we will be playing Doctor Who Monopoly!

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The day so far

We are playing more Wii games today.  First we played Avatar the Last Airbender: Into The Inferno, which is pretty fun.  Alex kept shouting “Murder!  Murder!  I am doing a good Aang impression by yelling murder!” and I just kept throwing fire at things.  :D  Well, now we are on to Wii Party and hopefully later we will watch a movie.

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Just a fun Sunday

Even with Once Upon A Time on hiatus, Alex and I have still decided to make Sunday our fun day, just like we are The Bangles and tomorrow is Manic Monday.  :D  Today, we played some Wii games(Hollywood Squares, where I won, and Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where Alex always wins), and now we are watching Dragonball Z on Hulu.  Specifically, the Buu saga, and more specifically, the part where Vegito and Buu fight.  I have already made several fabulous Buu puns, like “Shishka-Buu” and “Buu-lemia”.  Don’t hate me for the second one, please.  I just suggested “Buufet(Boofay), and Alex’s eye started twitching.  He hit me when I said “Buu-nana” for banana, so I might have to stop soon.  

Speaking of Vegito, Alex has asked me to say that he used Vegito in a fight against you.  Oh, he means me.  He used him against me.  He would use him against you as well, if you were playing against him, and he would probably win.  Just sayin….just Super Saiyan.  Alright, I’ll stop.

I guess Sundays will be random post days until some summer shows start up.  I think we are going to do So You Think You Can Dance, and he will catch up on Arrow eventually, and then we might post his thoughts on season 2.  We shall see.

Doesn’t everyone think Alex should watch The Neverending Story with me?  He keeps saying no despite being somewhat interested in some of the characters.  Tell him to watch it.

This has been a Buutiful post.  :D  *looks over at Alex*  O_o   I am thinking it is time to stop the Buu puns.  Tell us your Buu puns instead!  I am going to hit post while Alex’s eye twitches.  :D

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Once Upon A Time(Snow Drifts; There’s No Place Like Home)

What a fantastic 2 hours of television!  Wow!  We laughed, I teared up a bit, we yelled at the TV….just brilliant!  2 hours of notes in a Dragonball Z notebook to cover….we should get to it then.  :)

Within the first few minutes, I was so hoping to see the new baby be presented in a Lion King-esque ceremony!  That would have been the best thing ever!

I can’t believe Belle wasn’t more suspicious that she had the fake dagger.  Rumpy was way too relaxed about not hiding that thing considering how often Belle ends up kidnapped or tied up.  If she had the real dagger, someone would have it in 3 days with her luck.

When the light from the time portal popped up, I told Alex it looked just like the Spirit Portals from The Legend of Korra.  It did.  I also just knew they would casually trip into that portal.  :D  We wish Emma had time to change her out-going voicemail message to reflect that she couldn’t pick up the phone because she was currently in a time and place where they don’t exist.

I loved the Back To The Future reference, and Hook’s total cluelessness about what Emma was talking about.  That was adorable. Not as funny as her not knowing what to call Rumpy in front of Belle.  I said that Mr. Rumple The Dark One should be on Gold’s driver’s license, or at the very least, how he writes his return address on envelopes.  Also, Hook punching himself in the face was awesome.

Emma giving Hook the nickname Prince Charles was funny, but we both cracked up when she called herself Princess Leia!  That was magnificent!  It got me every time she did it, too.  

Alex pointed out the Charming head trauma, and said “Yay!  He couldn’t get away from it forever!”  Oh, Alex, what will I do with you?  He believes I should give him candy.  I am pretty sure that sugar is the reason for all of his mischief.  :D

It was nice to see more about Emma and Neal getting to know each other.  Regular Flavor Neal, not the other one.  That swing ride they were on was always my favorite ride.  Yay, Neal!  And, again, bye, Neal.  :(

Alex at this point predicted that the girl Emma rescued would be next season’s villain.  We find out he was wrong by the end, but it was a good guess.  I was just bummed that we got absolutely no Sheriff McHotty Pants(Graham).  :(

Emma watching her parents fall in love and finally having her call them mom and dad are the scenes that made me tear up.  They were both done beautifully.  I was also touched when they named the baby Neal, even though I wanted them to name it Alex.  :D  It is so nice to meet you, Prince Neal!  It is too bad we will never find out what is up with Aurora’s baby, since she was sitting in that diner, not pregnant and holding no baby.  Maybe Phillip has it, but it is a bit of a bummer that their baby didn’t even get a quick intro somewhere.

From the point of Snow getting killed, aka turned into a lady bug, I just kept shouting at Emma and Hook to kiss already.  Constantly.  Then they did and I cheered, and Alex wrote “KISSY!” in that super bold print he used for Melty Witch last week, and used my exclamation point with a heart instead of a dot!  Nice!

Why was Belle dressed like she was getting married in the 1920s???  That was a little weird.  Why was Archie the one marrying them?  Who gave him that power?  Did Belle’s dad get amnesia?  He gave his blessing?  What?

With everyone so happy with 3 minutes to go, I turned to Alex and said “This must be when everything goes to crap.”  It was, indeed, the part where everything went to crap.  Emma accidentally saved Robin’s love Marion!  Oops!  Regina didn’t let me down by being awful in the last minute of the show.  Now all we need to know is who is it that came out of the time portal at the end?  The chick from Frozen?  Is she a villain?  Will Adele Dazeem(sorry, John Travolta) provide her singing voice?  I guess we shall find out in the fall.  Goodbye for now, Show!  Now Alex and I need to post about something else.  Maybe he will let me post about Arrow even though he isn’t caught up, and let me add The Vampire Diaries.  Not that it matters, since everything is headed into the season finale this week.

Let’s take one final look at the predictions we made to see which ones happened, and make a few guesses about next season.:

*Rapunzel did not happen.  I got that one right.

*We did get one more scene of Charming head trauma, and I believe I said we would see 3 more when I started this.  With last week or the week before, that makes 2.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  :)  Alex says I said 2 or 3, so I win.  I think he is biased.

*Regina did, indeed, do something annoying in the last minute of the show by acting like Emma purposely brought Marion back to be mean to her.  Regina never lets me down.  A win for me.

*Nobody ever magically or physically assembled that crib for poor Prince Neal.  I lost that bet. Unless we go by last week’s prediction that no one would, in which case I win.

*The baby could still be a Time Lord, or Doc Brown.  We shall see.  BTW, that dismissive wave it did at Emma was priceless!  

*Emma and Hook kissed, but we don’t know if it was True Love’s Kiss because there was no wooosh.  Alex says there was no need for a wooosh, since there was no curse to break at that point.  I wanted a wooosh.  Moment of truth time….Alex is still firmly planted in thinking Hook is not pretty.  I tried, Hook.  I still think you are pretty.

*We did not learn that Smee was Wicked’s spy, so I lost there.  Alex made the excellent observation that Wicked is dead and does not need a spy, but he still could have been when she was alive.  Still a lose, unless we learn next season he was.

*Belle and Rumpy did get married, but how was I supposed to know that Emma was going to drag Robin’s other true love and baby momma back from the past?  Way to go, Emma.

*Snow and Charming did name their baby, but not Alex.

*It was only Emma and Hook who went back in time, so I was wrong that it was everyone.

*Wicked technically only died one more time on the magically doctored security footage, not 3 times.  Why was no one suspicious of that, btw?

*Emma did wear a princess dress and kiss Hook, just not together.  I never said they had to be together, so that is a win for me.

*Emma will not be returning to New York, so that is a win.

*They did not get sucked up into a new world, so thankfully there is no Neverland!  That is a win no matter how you look at it.  :D  Not for Alex, though.  Poor Alex.  He so wanted the show to annoy me by going back to Neverland.

*Something beautiful happened, something sad happened for like 2 minutes, and I did get teary about it all.  Win.

Next season:

*We will find out who the ice princess is.  I can’t think of anyone but that chick from Frozen.  I guess we shall see.  Alex said that “That chick from Frozen is quite descriptive.”  I don’t know her name because I am the only person on earth who hasn’t seen that movie.  Alex hasn’t either.  

*Emma and Hook will be happy for awhile, but then something complicated will happen that will test their love.  Will they get through it?  We shall see.

*Regina will be cranky for at least 4 or 5 episodes, then they will figure something out.  Maybe Marion will step aside, or Regina will.  Regina will seek out Tinkerbell’s advice.

*Belle had better figure out she has the fake dagger within 3 episodes, or I will lose all respect for her.  Alex, the king of head trauma, says that it is not nice to lose respect for Belle.  Interesting.

*Fall can not get here soon enough!!!!!!

*The show will continue to be amazing!!!

That’s all for now.  Later, all!

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Once Upon A Time(Kansas)

Another solid episode of Once Upon A Time filled with suspense and drama and fun.  It went by very quickly though, and next week is our 2 hour season finale!  I guess we will be ordering pizza or something next Sunday.  Alex agrees.

At the start of the episode, I found myself relieved that Henry wasn’t driving the truck to the hospital.  I was almost expecting it lol.  As soon as Emma put up that protection spell, I knew her magic would be gone by the end of the episode, and I was right.  I did think it was funny that Charming told her to take Hook along with her to draw fire.  I wrote down that Hook is too pretty to be canon fodder.  Alex said that it was technically magic fodder, so whichever term you like better, run with it.  Alex says “Curse you, Charming!  You deserve head trauma for that!”

I also found it amusing that Glinda didn’t bother to tell Wicked that the necklace she was putting on her would take her magic away if it was ever removed until after she slipped it on her.  Nice.  :D

I startled both Alex and the cat when I screamed “I was right!  It was a boy!” after Snow had her baby.  Then I uttered the phrase “Witches always be up in Snow’s business, takin’ her babies away.”  :D

Alex wrote MELTY Witch! in super bold print.  Super bold. See?

I was amused how Dorothy kept repeating that she killed Wicked with water, like she couldn’t believe how ridiculous a thing that was.  How did Wicked un-melt?  Weird.

I liked the pretty swirlies of magic.  I wrote those exact words, so I must mean it.  That whole thing was kind of anti-climatic.  Alex and I kept yelling “Get the dagger already!  Come on, you idiots, PICK UP THE DAGGER!!!!”  Thankfully, Regina picked up the dagger.  It seemed weird that Regina put Wicked’s pendant in a cabinet that she left wide open, though.  I felt all throughout the episode that someone was going to turn out to be someone else in disguise, and it only happened once.  I knew something was up when the Wizard put gold slippers on Dorothy.  That was off, and my hunch was confirmed.  So is Dorothy back in Kansas, and did she poof herself onto the edge of a cliff?

Then Snow got her baby back, Rumpy turned Wicked into a ceramic statue and then she turned into green mist, and Emma has decided she is taking her magicless behind back to New York, much to Hook’s dismay.  This means she will end up somewhere not even close to New York ever again.  

Well, let’s take a look at our past predictions and make some new ones, shall we?:

*Rapunzel=Not happening.  Case closed.

*There was no further Charming head trauma, but we have a 2 hour episode next week with scenes from previous episodes, so we will get at least one scene of Charming head trauma before we put a bow on this season.  Alex would like it to be in montage form.  That would be nice.

*Regina used light magic, thus completing her transformation from villain to hero, albeit a hero who will still threaten to rip your heart out and crush it.  Next week it looks like we will see some evil Regina scenes, but they are from the past, so they don’t count.  There is still a chance she will do something evil or annoying or both in the last few minutes of the episode.  :D

*I don’t think anyone is ever going to magically assemble that crib.  Poor Snow and her nameless baby.

*I still think that baby is a Time Lord.  :D

*No munchkins or even Toto.  Big fat bummer there.

*We got a flying monkey turned back into a character!  I couldn’t tell if it was Tiny or Little John, but no one new was turned into a monkey.

*Snow’s baby was, indeed, a boy.  Yay!  Alex just wants it to be named.

*Emma and Hook’s “kiss” was actually CPR, and she did lose her magic.  :(  Maybe they will have True Love’s Kiss next week and she’ll get it back.  As always, Alex does not think Hook is pretty, and I do.

*We can still find out that Smee was Wicked’s spy, so I’ll leave that on the table.

*It looks like if there is a wedding next week, it will be Belle and Rumpy.  That could be a trick, and while we think they will zig with a RumpBelle wedding, they’ll zag and it will be Regina and Robin.  Alex could care less either way.

So, this is how the season will end:

*Snow and Charming will name their baby(name it Alex); everyone will go back in time and we will see stuff we have already seen; someone will get married; Wicked will die 3 more times; Emma will wear a princess dress and will kiss Hook; everyone will end up in some other world, where we will find them next season trying to save someone.  Alex will say Neverland(because he hates me), I will say Wonderland.  Something beautiful will happen, something sad will happen, I will cry, and Alex will not cry.  The end.  

Alex keeps chanting “Neverland!” in a sing-song voice at me.  He doesn’t know that I blew Neverland up when he was sleeping.  Well, I guess he does now.

Also, it was so nice of Snow to have her baby the day after Alex’s birthday!  What a lovely birthday present!

See everyone next week with the 2 hour season finale!

2 months ago

Once Upon A Time(A Curious Thing)

Wow!  This was an amazing episode!  It was so good that Alex and I kept passing a notebook back and forth to take notes on the things we liked.  Now he is playing Dragonball Z: Budakai Tenkaichi 3 on the Wii, so if there are typos in this, it is because he has gestured wildly and inflicted some Charming-level head trauma upon me.

The first part we both noted was near the beginning, when Robin Hood said “ass” and everyone at the table looked at him like “You can’t curse in the Enchanted Kingdom!  We are fairy tales!”  That was beautiful.  We also finally learned that Hook’s thing will be that he ends up bound and gagged in the backs of cars, Snow will ask Regina to rip her heart out at least once a year, and that if you kiss Henry, you will break curses as long as he has the book.  Speaking of which, Alex is thrilled that his TV alter ego has his memories back, and so am I!  It is about time, show.

I am pleased that this show is using the book version of all things Oz instead of the movie.  The slippers were silver in the book, and Glinda was the witch of the south, not the north.  Next week, we are getting Dorothy, so I guess we shall see what good things come from that.

Emma’s magic face was the best thing ever!  Wicked had Henry and was all prepared to kill him, and Emma just hit the best constipated/Goku going up a power level face I have ever seen on prime time.  How many times do you think they had to film that scene?  Because I bet that if there is a blooper reel on the season 3 DVD, at least 1/4 of it will be her trying to do that without laughing.  

Alex and I both thought that once they had their memories back, Charming would just suddenly remember he was dead, and fall right over.  That would have been tragic and funny all at once.  Who knew you could split your heart in two like a wishbone and share it with someone?  Blood types don’t mean anything in the Enchanted Forest!  Alex also decided that Robin Hood is going to die because Henry apparently can’t have a father without them dying.  That has only happened that one time, Alex.  Since they seem to be angling to put Hook and Emma together, and you don’t want Hook to die, maybe you should reel that in a bit.  Also, Henry was going to steal Emma’s car!  Alex would sooooo steal my car!  No he wouldn’t, but he might.

All in all, this was a solid episode, but it hurts that it looks like next week is a 2 hour season finale!  No season finale!  :(  Oh, well, it had to come some time.

Ok, so let’s go over our past predictions and make some new ones, shall we?:

*Still no Rapunzel, and since I doubt that she shows up next week(and the writers of the show themselves said she wouldn’t be showing up again anytime soon), I declare this a victory for me.

*Charming got his heart ripped out, and Alex said he must have hit his head when he hit the floor, so we’ll call this a half head trauma.

*I love to see that Regina is continuing to make excellent progress.  She will continue to do so until the last 10 seconds of next week’s episode, because why not?  Alex wants to know what she will do in those last 10 seconds.  I don’t have an answer, but I am sure it will be either evil or annoying, OR BOTH!!!!!!!

*No one magically assembled that crib yet, but maybe next week when the baby comes someone will think of it.  Probably not though.

*I am sticking to my guns that Snow’s baby is a Time Lord.

*The previews for next week seem to show Wicked actually casting her time reversal curse, so I still say she will end up accidentally taking someone with her.  Alex still says we will end up in Neverland, because he still hates me.

*Henry didn’t die!  Good for Henry, bad for my predictive skills.  Alex is glad his alter ego didn’t die due to my alter ego’s hysterical magic face.

*No munchkins, no Lollipop Guild, no dropped houses.  3 strikes against me.  Maybe next week.

*I never would have guessed that instead of meeting Aurora and Phillip’s baby, they would be turned into flying monkeys.  Even with all the joke things I predicted, I never would have thought of that.  I thought Henry would get turned into a flying monkey before them.  I don’t think Alex saw that coming either.

*Peter Pan has yet to show up, but you never know.

*We may yet discover that all of the Lost Boys are winged monkeys.  Maybe Peter Pan is a winged monkey, too.

Here is what we predict for the season finale:

*Snow’s Time Lord baby will be a boy.  Alex says that is just random.  I say it has to be one or the other and they already have a daughter.

*Emma and Hook will kiss, and it will be True Love’s Kiss, which will break his lip curse without taking Emma’s magic away.  Alex says “Cuz trololololo.”  That is a direct quote.  He still does not think Hook is pretty and I only have 1 more 2 hour episode to convince him otherwise until I have to wait until fall!  Oh, the trials i have to endure!

*We will learn that Smee has been working for Wicked all along, and Hook will be none too pleased.  Alex says he will get a Hook to the heart, after Regina rips out said heart.  I think he will be turned into some other type of rodent and will be kept in a cage in someone’s house like Amy from Buffy.

*I have heard rumors that someone might be getting married.  My guess would be Regina and Robin.  It is too soon for Emma and Hook, and now that everyone remembers the lost year, Rumpy and Belle will have to deal with Neal stuff all over again.

*Ok, so the season will end with Snow having her baby, Wicked dying, the turn back time curse will obviously fail because our heroes will conquer all, Emma and Hook will have True Love’s Kiss, everyone(at this point, Alex whispered “dies”) will go back to Storybrooke or they will all stay in the Enchanted Forest, Regina and Robin will get married, and then everyone wakes up in Neverland and I start cursing at the TV while Alex laughs hysterically.  Fade to black.  :D

It was good to see Neal again for a minute.  We miss you, Michael Raymond-James!  That’s it for now.  See you all next week!

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