My son and I will watch our favorite TV shows, movies, and play our favorite games, and make some comments, and predictions for the next episode, or who won the game. Or maybe review the game. There will be spoilers!

Doctor Who(Deep Breath)

Welcome back, Doctor Who!  We’ve missed you!

After 15 minutes with my 2 favorite nerd guys in the whole universe, Chris Hardwick and Will Wheaton, and learning that Peter Capaldi is “one of us”, we got into the first episode of series 8, and the first episode with our new Doctor.  

I was a little wary of Peter Capaldi, but he charmed both of us immediately.  I loved that the TARDIS came flying out of a dinosaur, and that the Doctor opened the door of the TARDIS to tell Strax “SHUSH!”  Brilliant!  He also made sure we knew that he was not flirting with the dinosaur, which was good to know.  Alex and I really dig the new opening, with the clocks and cogs and the slightly retro theme music.  Nicely done.  

I already had questions within the first 10 minutes, though.  Why does Clara not seem to understand how regeneration works?  Is her memory from the Time Stream gone now that 11 didn’t die on Trenzalore?  Why were they acting like the Doctor can choose his appearance, and that 11 chose his appearance specifically for Clara?  The Doctor also wondered why he got that face in particular, so was that related to the robot plotline, or are they bringing in the Caecilius/Frobisher connection?   Also, did anyone else think that the Doctor looked an awful lot like Dr. House?  Why are there so many robots and/or steampunk machines in Victorian London?  So many questions.  :D

So, the dinosaur caught on fire…in a RIVER!  Perhaps a river of songs?  ;)  Then the Doctor proceeded to have many adventures in a night shirt, as though he thought he was actually on Once Upon A Time, and he was one of the Darling children trying to get to Neverland.  Don’t go to Neverland, Doctor!  Also, he had to relieve the horse of his pet lol.

We also loved when he yelled that he has battle eyebrows now.   That sounds like something I would yell to distract people.  Clara asked why they don’t call the police more often, which means she obviously never watched Torchwood, or else she would know that the police are never helpful in these situations.  :D  Alex thought it was remarkable that Clara could hold her breath for so long.  I am pretty sure he was trying to hold his breath while she held hers, but I am not positive of that.  Also, since when is the sonic screwdriver voice activated?  Are we keeping 11’s?  I thought 12 was getting one with a purple beam because the show loves me.

Speaking of the robots, Alex thought that they were steampunk Cybermen.  I did not agree.  Something was nagging me about them in the back of my mind, but it wasn’t until the S.S. Marie Antoinette was mentioned that it dawned on me.  I was bummed that no one had a banana on hand.  Alex was bummed that they were clockwork droids.  I was bummed that they weren’t dressed up in poofy French attire.  We can’t always win.  

I am glad that Moffat worked in the mystery of the shop lady who gave Clara the TARDIS number from last season.  I was worried that it would be dropped now that Matt is gone.  We have theories, like maybe it is Sally Sparrow, Donna Nobel, or even a universe-jumping Rose Tyler.  

I will not lie to you guys, when 11 called Clara at the end, I got all choked up.  I was all “MATT!!!!!  Don’t leave us again!!!!  Just stay on the phone all season!  Don’t you hang up that phone, Clara!!!  NOOOOOOO!!!”  Alex was amused.  Then we get to the end and we were all “Who is that lady?  Are they in Apalapucia?  What?”

Overall, this was a pretty solid episode, and a fun introduction to our new Doctor.  We like that he added a recliner to the TARDIS, and also that he has decided that he can complain because he is Scottish.  I wish he would fry things because he is Scottish.  That would be a nice call-back.  We can’t wait to watch it in the theater on Monday with the exclusive prequel episode!  Yay for series 8!  Next week, Daleks!

Some predictions and theories for this season:

*Alex believes that the lady at the end of the episode could be Mother Superious.  I think she might be the woman from the shop who gave Clara the phone number.

*River Song will pop up at some point.

*Hopefully, Captain Jack Harkness will show up and have to deal with the fact that the new Doctor has Frobisher’s face.

*Alex believes that 12 will keep 11’s screwdriver because 9 and 10 used the same screwdriver.  I want that purple beam!

We will be back Monday with the coverage of the Fathom event.  See you then!

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Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods (8/5/2014)

Alex and I are really starting to love Fathom Events.  :D

Last Tuesday, Alex and I headed out to our local movie theater to see the new-ish Dragonball Z movie, Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods.  Of course, we couldn’t head out to such an event without dressing up for it.


He has his awesome Roshi symbol shirt, with the King Kai symbol on the back, we colored his hair purple for Trunks, and took a flat iron to it.  I wore my Over 9000! shirt, and colored my hair blue for Bulma.


A better shot of our hair colors.

I also did my nails for the occasion.


Left hand: Gray nail with the 4-star dragonball(originally I wrote DBZ, but the lettering wiped off), black nail with the 5-star dragonball(originally was the Capsule Corp logo, but I had a similar issue with the nail marker coming off), yellow with the 1-star dragonball, teal(originally said Bulma), and what is supposed to look like one of the uniforms, but it isn’t so great.


Right hand: Plain white nail(had a plan that didn’t pan out), purple nail(originally said Trunks), black nail(originally had a Popo face, but it was really creepy), yellow nail(had a dragonball on it, but it looked awful, so now it is Krillin exploding on Namek lol), and the orange nail.

Alright, so with our outfits and hair in place, we left for the theater.  We saw a kid with a shirt similar to Alex’s heading in, so we knew we wouldn’t be the only DBZ fans in attendance.  A lot of people had a shirt like Alex’s, but no one else had one like mine, so I got some compliments on it.  We bought our drinks and snacks and began the search for our theater.

This was part 1 in the adventure that this movie turned out to be.  They didn’t label it as a special event theater and left the normal sign up, which was for the movie Sex Tape.  O_o  Lovely.  The mom of the kid we saw in the parking lot was a little bit iffy about walking into that theater, but some other people in DBZ shirts came out, so we knew we were in the right place.

The theater, it turns out, was PACKED!  I think by the time the movie started, there were maybe 3 seats open!  We sat down and the guy next to us(who I believe said his name was Gino) chatted with us until the movie started, and was pretty awesome.  Unlike other Fathom events movies we have attended, there was no trivia or anything fun while we waited for the movie to start.  At 7pm, the Fathom Events rules popped up on screen(Don’t litter, no pirating, no talking, etc.), but it kept repeating.  By 7:15, we were all getting really antsy and annoyed.  Then this popped up:


Oh yeah, a Dish Network DVR screen!  We were going to be watching this movie off of a DVR!


We get it, Fathom!  You do concerts and we shouldn’t pirate things!  Get on with it!

They did not get on with it.  So this happened:

At around 1:08, the kid in front of us started using my flash to make shadow puppets on the screen, which you, unfortunately, can’t see.  Everyone in the theater started laughing.  Then we got the “Yay, the movie is starting(finally)!” screen.  How naive we were.  A few seconds later, the Fathom Events screen popped up again.  We were all pretty annoyed at this point.  Somebody yelled “Bring back the shadow puppets!”, and since I aim to please, this bit of hilarity ensued:

Also, the guy on the other side of me(not Gino, some other guy whose name I never got) said that if Krillin didn’t die, he was going to riot.  I felt compelled to correct him and say that the Z in Dragonball Z means that Yamcha dies first, duh.  :D

So, the movie FINALLY starts, and it was an absolute blast!  It was so much fun to watch Dragonball Z with such a large crowd of fans.  There were parts where we we are all laughing together, and others where you could hear a pin drop in that theater.  This movie had Vegeta singing a song about Bingo, an almighty god of destruction getting angry over a pudding cup, and Vegeta defending his woman!  Which due to my blue hair was me!  Ok, not really, but it was pretty amazing.  Goku got another amazing hair and eye color upgrade(fuchsia and red, respectively), and an epic battle took place.

Then, right near the end, the sound cut out and it became pandemonium in that theater lol.  The sound came back about 30 seconds before the end, at which point, a few Cinemark employees came running in asking if we would like for them to rewind to the part where the sound cut out.  The answer was a perfectly in unison “YES!!!!!”  So, they did, and then they gave out free movie passes to everyone in the theater because of all the technical difficulties.

Despite the weird DVR issues, this event was a blast, and I hope they do more fun anime related events here in the future.  We will have another event coming up on the 25th, because while we were waiting for the movie to start, I purchased our tickets for the season 8 premier episode of Doctor Who!  Yay!

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Tatiana tears up as a fan thanks Tatiana and the show for giving her the courage to come out and for writing Cosima as a character who is more than her sexuality. (x)

(Source: thecloneclub)

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I say Japan, Alex says NASA so we can leave the planet.

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easilyenchanted asked: Peachy?! Is that yoooou?! Omfg you finally made it over here from terrible fb


It is me!  Yay for Tumblr!  :D

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Game Over

We did not get to watch any movies today, but we did play Wii Party for a few hours, and I won exactly 1 game because after the first few games where we worked together to keep the computer from winning, Alex decided he was going to win and went after me with a crazy vengeance.   Oh, well, boys.

Also, during the last week or so, we came upon some fun YouTube videos.  I found Sailor Moon Abridged: or Dragonball Z Adridged: and we recommend checking them out if you are fans of either show.  That is it for this week, so we will see you next time, when hopefully we will be playing Doctor Who Monopoly!

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The day so far

We are playing more Wii games today.  First we played Avatar the Last Airbender: Into The Inferno, which is pretty fun.  Alex kept shouting “Murder!  Murder!  I am doing a good Aang impression by yelling murder!” and I just kept throwing fire at things.  :D  Well, now we are on to Wii Party and hopefully later we will watch a movie.

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Just a fun Sunday

Even with Once Upon A Time on hiatus, Alex and I have still decided to make Sunday our fun day, just like we are The Bangles and tomorrow is Manic Monday.  :D  Today, we played some Wii games(Hollywood Squares, where I won, and Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where Alex always wins), and now we are watching Dragonball Z on Hulu.  Specifically, the Buu saga, and more specifically, the part where Vegito and Buu fight.  I have already made several fabulous Buu puns, like “Shishka-Buu” and “Buu-lemia”.  Don’t hate me for the second one, please.  I just suggested “Buufet(Boofay), and Alex’s eye started twitching.  He hit me when I said “Buu-nana” for banana, so I might have to stop soon.  

Speaking of Vegito, Alex has asked me to say that he used Vegito in a fight against you.  Oh, he means me.  He used him against me.  He would use him against you as well, if you were playing against him, and he would probably win.  Just sayin….just Super Saiyan.  Alright, I’ll stop.

I guess Sundays will be random post days until some summer shows start up.  I think we are going to do So You Think You Can Dance, and he will catch up on Arrow eventually, and then we might post his thoughts on season 2.  We shall see.

Doesn’t everyone think Alex should watch The Neverending Story with me?  He keeps saying no despite being somewhat interested in some of the characters.  Tell him to watch it.

This has been a Buutiful post.  :D  *looks over at Alex*  O_o   I am thinking it is time to stop the Buu puns.  Tell us your Buu puns instead!  I am going to hit post while Alex’s eye twitches.  :D

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Once Upon A Time(Snow Drifts; There’s No Place Like Home)

What a fantastic 2 hours of television!  Wow!  We laughed, I teared up a bit, we yelled at the TV….just brilliant!  2 hours of notes in a Dragonball Z notebook to cover….we should get to it then.  :)

Within the first few minutes, I was so hoping to see the new baby be presented in a Lion King-esque ceremony!  That would have been the best thing ever!

I can’t believe Belle wasn’t more suspicious that she had the fake dagger.  Rumpy was way too relaxed about not hiding that thing considering how often Belle ends up kidnapped or tied up.  If she had the real dagger, someone would have it in 3 days with her luck.

When the light from the time portal popped up, I told Alex it looked just like the Spirit Portals from The Legend of Korra.  It did.  I also just knew they would casually trip into that portal.  :D  We wish Emma had time to change her out-going voicemail message to reflect that she couldn’t pick up the phone because she was currently in a time and place where they don’t exist.

I loved the Back To The Future reference, and Hook’s total cluelessness about what Emma was talking about.  That was adorable. Not as funny as her not knowing what to call Rumpy in front of Belle.  I said that Mr. Rumple The Dark One should be on Gold’s driver’s license, or at the very least, how he writes his return address on envelopes.  Also, Hook punching himself in the face was awesome.

Emma giving Hook the nickname Prince Charles was funny, but we both cracked up when she called herself Princess Leia!  That was magnificent!  It got me every time she did it, too.  

Alex pointed out the Charming head trauma, and said “Yay!  He couldn’t get away from it forever!”  Oh, Alex, what will I do with you?  He believes I should give him candy.  I am pretty sure that sugar is the reason for all of his mischief.  :D

It was nice to see more about Emma and Neal getting to know each other.  Regular Flavor Neal, not the other one.  That swing ride they were on was always my favorite ride.  Yay, Neal!  And, again, bye, Neal.  :(

Alex at this point predicted that the girl Emma rescued would be next season’s villain.  We find out he was wrong by the end, but it was a good guess.  I was just bummed that we got absolutely no Sheriff McHotty Pants(Graham).  :(

Emma watching her parents fall in love and finally having her call them mom and dad are the scenes that made me tear up.  They were both done beautifully.  I was also touched when they named the baby Neal, even though I wanted them to name it Alex.  :D  It is so nice to meet you, Prince Neal!  It is too bad we will never find out what is up with Aurora’s baby, since she was sitting in that diner, not pregnant and holding no baby.  Maybe Phillip has it, but it is a bit of a bummer that their baby didn’t even get a quick intro somewhere.

From the point of Snow getting killed, aka turned into a lady bug, I just kept shouting at Emma and Hook to kiss already.  Constantly.  Then they did and I cheered, and Alex wrote “KISSY!” in that super bold print he used for Melty Witch last week, and used my exclamation point with a heart instead of a dot!  Nice!

Why was Belle dressed like she was getting married in the 1920s???  That was a little weird.  Why was Archie the one marrying them?  Who gave him that power?  Did Belle’s dad get amnesia?  He gave his blessing?  What?

With everyone so happy with 3 minutes to go, I turned to Alex and said “This must be when everything goes to crap.”  It was, indeed, the part where everything went to crap.  Emma accidentally saved Robin’s love Marion!  Oops!  Regina didn’t let me down by being awful in the last minute of the show.  Now all we need to know is who is it that came out of the time portal at the end?  The chick from Frozen?  Is she a villain?  Will Adele Dazeem(sorry, John Travolta) provide her singing voice?  I guess we shall find out in the fall.  Goodbye for now, Show!  Now Alex and I need to post about something else.  Maybe he will let me post about Arrow even though he isn’t caught up, and let me add The Vampire Diaries.  Not that it matters, since everything is headed into the season finale this week.

Let’s take one final look at the predictions we made to see which ones happened, and make a few guesses about next season.:

*Rapunzel did not happen.  I got that one right.

*We did get one more scene of Charming head trauma, and I believe I said we would see 3 more when I started this.  With last week or the week before, that makes 2.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  :)  Alex says I said 2 or 3, so I win.  I think he is biased.

*Regina did, indeed, do something annoying in the last minute of the show by acting like Emma purposely brought Marion back to be mean to her.  Regina never lets me down.  A win for me.

*Nobody ever magically or physically assembled that crib for poor Prince Neal.  I lost that bet. Unless we go by last week’s prediction that no one would, in which case I win.

*The baby could still be a Time Lord, or Doc Brown.  We shall see.  BTW, that dismissive wave it did at Emma was priceless!  

*Emma and Hook kissed, but we don’t know if it was True Love’s Kiss because there was no wooosh.  Alex says there was no need for a wooosh, since there was no curse to break at that point.  I wanted a wooosh.  Moment of truth time….Alex is still firmly planted in thinking Hook is not pretty.  I tried, Hook.  I still think you are pretty.

*We did not learn that Smee was Wicked’s spy, so I lost there.  Alex made the excellent observation that Wicked is dead and does not need a spy, but he still could have been when she was alive.  Still a lose, unless we learn next season he was.

*Belle and Rumpy did get married, but how was I supposed to know that Emma was going to drag Robin’s other true love and baby momma back from the past?  Way to go, Emma.

*Snow and Charming did name their baby, but not Alex.

*It was only Emma and Hook who went back in time, so I was wrong that it was everyone.

*Wicked technically only died one more time on the magically doctored security footage, not 3 times.  Why was no one suspicious of that, btw?

*Emma did wear a princess dress and kiss Hook, just not together.  I never said they had to be together, so that is a win for me.

*Emma will not be returning to New York, so that is a win.

*They did not get sucked up into a new world, so thankfully there is no Neverland!  That is a win no matter how you look at it.  :D  Not for Alex, though.  Poor Alex.  He so wanted the show to annoy me by going back to Neverland.

*Something beautiful happened, something sad happened for like 2 minutes, and I did get teary about it all.  Win.

Next season:

*We will find out who the ice princess is.  I can’t think of anyone but that chick from Frozen.  I guess we shall see.  Alex said that “That chick from Frozen is quite descriptive.”  I don’t know her name because I am the only person on earth who hasn’t seen that movie.  Alex hasn’t either.  

*Emma and Hook will be happy for awhile, but then something complicated will happen that will test their love.  Will they get through it?  We shall see.

*Regina will be cranky for at least 4 or 5 episodes, then they will figure something out.  Maybe Marion will step aside, or Regina will.  Regina will seek out Tinkerbell’s advice.

*Belle had better figure out she has the fake dagger within 3 episodes, or I will lose all respect for her.  Alex, the king of head trauma, says that it is not nice to lose respect for Belle.  Interesting.

*Fall can not get here soon enough!!!!!!

*The show will continue to be amazing!!!

That’s all for now.  Later, all!

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